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    Competition vs. Inspiration

    In my experience I’ve found it is more beneficial to view the musician who may display a higher level of artistry than you or me, not as competition, but as inspiration.

    Thou shalt not covet another’s ability with the purpose of mirroring their achievement. Instead, use their example as a measure to achieve your own highest artistic level.

    Go in peace.

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    Jazz soloing requires more than “RAW CHOPS”

    When improvising, focusing on linear technique alone yields what I like to describe as “ Notes in Succession”.

    Whereas, utilizing a solid understanding of musical content plus the aforementioned technical prowess, yields what I might describe as “Melody”. The latter is the result of a mind and body experience.( Read more)

    A would be improviser who prefers to merely practice scales and patterns, will certainly achieve the muscular memory of said exercises.

    But,. think about this, when called upon to create a solo they will most likely regurgitate that which they have incessantly practiced. thus yielding notes in succession.

    On the other hand; in order to embody the vocabulary of jazz more thoroughly it’s much better to know each and every note location without the aid of any pattern reference.

    Now we have a real potential to utilize specific pitches, to create specific melodies that relate to the specific chords of any tune.

    Andreas Segovia said, and I certainly agree, “Guitar is the easiest Instrument to play; but the hardest instrument to play well.”

    So strive to play music with heart, mind and body!

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    Let’s Get Critical

    The accepted notion is the audience critiques the performer. As a performer you might find it a worthwhile exercise to asses your audience. In other words; are you playing for an audience that’s critical enough?