• What Makes an Artist?

    Has the word “jazz” become impotent?

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    Why do otherwise intelligent and talented musicians allow themselves to be used by the “posers” to play a mediocre approximation of what this wonderful music could be.

    Why wouldn’t any capable musician come to a jazz gig ready to play at their highest level instead of being complicit and diluting the art?

    Ultimately isn’t the highest level how you’d want to play, and what the audience would want to hear?

    Why would any “player” compromise themselves and compensate for lesser musicians when they should be expecting everyone on stage to play the highest level? And if they can’t do it simply fire those NPMFs. Lesson learned.

    Is it the money? I don’t think so, especially not if it’s $50 bucks. Is it an ego driven need to be on stage? Maybe. Is it a mendacious concern for the feelings of lesser musicians? I’ve certainly witnessed that. Is it fear of appearing elitist? Is it a lack of confidence in your own ability? I don’t know? I’d actually love to hear your thoughts.

    This issue is obviously not as black and white as my rant would suggest, but this is a real problem in the jazz community.

    Maybe the word jazz has become impotent?

    Maybe we should (as Terence Blanchard proports) call the “real thing” black American art music?

    Have we become satisfied with a bland representation of this amazing Art?

    I sure haven’t!

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