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    Competition vs. Inspiration

    In my experience I’ve found it is more beneficial to view the musician who may display a higher level of artistry than you or me, not as competition, but as inspiration.

    Thou shalt not covet another’s ability with the purpose of mirroring their achievement. Instead, use their example as a measure to achieve your own highest artistic level.

    Go in peace.

  • What Makes an Artist?

    Conversation on Artistry with Dr. Matthew Bishop

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    Dr. Matthew Bishop is a highly active performer, scholar, and educator. In concerts across the country he has offered audiences a wide range of music on guitar and lute from the 11th century to newly-composed works. He is also a founding member of Etudes.co, an online resource for guitarists. Recently Dr. Bishop has presented his research on the Weiss/Bach Sonata across the country and is currently working to publish it for the guitar, either as a solo or in a chamber setting. Currently, Dr. Bishop is a Professor at Laredo College in Texas where he teaches guitar and music history.

  • What Makes an Artist?

    A Message From the “Producer”

    I’ve thought my way around the blues for quite some time. It defies my imagination that any white blues musician could have such little regard for the culture that gave birth to the very music said musician claims to celebrate.

    For example… A white blues musician, apparently in good conscience, glorifying the confederate flag, or singing about “chucking steel like a slave”. It’s crazy. They have no connection whatsoever to the black American legacy of subjugation.

    I think maybe you should sing about shit you know.

    Wouldn’t you want to open up your soul and perform authentically instead of usurping others cultural identity?

    I’m not suggesting us white boys and girls have no right to play the Blues; I am suggesting that while we have a right to be devotees (even worshipers) of the blues, we don’t have the rights to certain subject matter.

    This lack of awareness is what I find particularly shameful.

    I’d feel great if this statement caused even one person to think about it. That’s all you have to do.

    Think about it.